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KBTU became a member of SDSN Kazakhstan

SDG Center at KBTU


KBTU - member of SDSN Kazakhstan: On 8th of June 2022 KBTU became a member of SDSN Kazakzhstan and participated in the SDSN Kazakhstan’s official launch. KBTU is doing important education and research activities to increase the use of renewable energy sources. One of them is laboratories that were designed to develop solar batteries. As KBTU’s focal point mentioned, government and industry should cooperate closely to achieve targeted goals. For example, KBTU is planning to participate in events organized by the Kazakh Association of Organizations of Oil, Gas, and Energy Producers (KazEnergy) related to carbon neutrality and disseminate the important role of universities and research in SDG 7 (‘Affordable and Clean Energy’) and SDG 13 (‘Climate Action’).

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