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with EU, US and Asian Top University Trainings

Academic exellence

At our learning center, we provide the best possible training and education to ensure your success. Our Courses and Internship program is designed to provide you with the academic excellence you need to succeed in your chosen field. We provide access to the best trainers, facilities, and high-quality content to ensure you receive top-notch training. 

Courses on the base of University of Salerno, Italy

Strategic Management

Risk Management

Business Planning

AI and IoT

IoT and Security


Our courses and internships offer a flexible schedule to ensure that you can pursue your learning goals while working or studying. We provide access to a wide range of resources and offer tailored courses that will equip you with the skills necessary to excel in your field. Our consultancy services by the best experts provide you with invaluable insights and perspectives.

Courses on the base of Tallinn University of Technology, Estonia

Smart City

AI in Robotics

Industry 4.0

Customized courses

Our Courses and Internship program offers customized courses focused on different areas, giving you advanced knowledge in the most demanding industry trends. Our courses also include case studies in your requested areas, allowing you to work and learn from real-world examples. 

Courses on the base of Janser HR&Academy and TUV Rhenald Academy, German

ISO in Management

ISO in Security

ISO in Ecology

ISO for Oil and Gas



If you are interested in receiving more information about courses abroad get in touch to learn more.

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